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Friday 17th Nov

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Warm up

Power clean drills
Barbell cycling:
10mins to establish
3rm TNG Power Clean

Mix modality aerobic sessions
1min – bike 70% effort
30sec – rest
1min – HSPU (done is sets of 3-5reps at a time)
30sec – rest
1min – TNG power clean (done is sets of 3-5 @ 70%)
30sec – rest
5 Rounds

Thursday 16th Nov

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Warm up
Lat activation
midline activation
Skill: T2B
L1 – skill with coach
L2 – 1 strict K2E + 1 strict T2B + 1 kip K2E + 1 kip T2B x6 sets (quailty no off beat swinging allowed)
Wod: 10min Partrner amrap you go I go
5 T2B
25 Du

2min rest
Finisher: 8min EMOM
1st- 25sec Dragon flys
2nd – 25sec banded straight arm pull down