A Beginners Guide on What to Wear to a CrossFit Class

For those new to CrossFit, figuring out what to wear to your first CrossFit class can be stressful. A lot of us can feel anxious before going to our first class as we don’t know what we should wear, and what will work best for the movements that we will be taking part in. CrossFit works our entire bodies through a range of powerful and dynamic movements, so we need to be sure to be wearing the appropriate clothing so that we can have the best session possible.


Today our team over at CrossFit Green have put together this beginners guide on what you should wear to a CrossFit class. We are a CrossFit gym based in Dublin, where we help members get the results that they want through our group and one to one coaching, and our Kickstart Nutrition program. To learn more, read on and for further information on our CrossFit classes in Dublin – head over to our website today.


A Comfy and Breathable T-Shirt or Vest


We recommend opting for a comfy and breathable t-shirt or vest. You are going to be working hard during a CrossFit class and probably sweating, so you want to be wearing something that is going to keep you as cool and dry as possible. You also want to wear something that you can move freely in, with no irritation or distractions. 


Go for a comfortable t-shirt or vest that you feel like you can move in, and that will keep you cool. Reach for materials such as cotton that are breathable and lightweight, so you don’t overheat. Ideally you don’t want to wear a top that is too loose or baggy, so that it doesn’t get caught on any equipment or get in your way. 


Bottoms that Allow you to Move Freely


During a CrossFit class you will most likely get quite hot, so a lot of people tend to opt for wearing shorts as they allow their legs to breathe and don’t restrict movement. You want to wear something on your bottom half that is also breathable, and made of a flexible fabric so you can move freely. 


So go for some shorts that are above the knee so you can move properly and feel cool in, or a pair of leggings that you feel comfortable in. We recommend leaving the jogging bottoms at home, as they have excess baggy material and you’ll probably get quite sweaty in them.


Comfy and Lightweight Footwear 


The shoes you wear to a CrossFit class are important as they will be what keeps us running, lifting, moving and jumping throughout the session so they need to offer us optimum levels of support. You want the shoes you wear to be lightweight, agile, and be able to absorb the impact of fast movements as well as have a stable and strong base. 


Go for a trainer that you feel comfortable in and that is breathable so your feet don’t get too hot, and that you feel like you can move around in. Many people also opt for wearing shoes like Converse or Vans, as they have a flat sole and a strong base. 


Interested in Joining a CrossFit Class in Dublin?


If you’re interested in joining a CrossFit class in Dublin, then why not come along to one of our group classes here at CrossFit Green? We welcome everyone at our state-of-the-art CrossFit gym, whether you are completely new and looking for your first CrossFit session or if you’re already experienced. We offer a broad timetable, full of classes. You can choose between our WOD class, Saturday Sesh, Sweat Marathon, or Sweat X class among others. 


All of our CrossFit classes are taught by our experienced team of knowledgeable and professional coaches, who will be there to guide you through every step of the class and ensure that you feel comfortable. We also have an amazing family of members, who are always there to support, push, and encourage each other during classes. 


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