Are you Searching for Weight Loss Classes in Dublin?

Have you tried various weight loss classes in Dublin and not found the right one for you? Here at Crossfit Green, we have fitness classes to suit everyone at any level and we have helped hundreds of members reach their desired weight-loss goals. There are no fad or crash diets here at Crossfit Green – we work with our members to improve their fitness through our fun and exciting classes, alongside support with creating a sustainable diet that you can maintain for the rest of your life. 


We believe in creating a healthy relationship with exercise and food for our members, so that you can reach your weight-loss goals that you will be able to sustain, all whilst feeling your best. If you’re interested in learning more about our classes, our team at Crossfit Green have created a short summary for you to gain some insight into what you can expect from our classes. 


Fun, Motivating and Innovative Classes to Fit any Schedule


It is easy to find a class at Crossfit Green to fit even the busiest of schedules – with our first class starting at 6 am and our last class at 8 pm. We make your fitness work around your life so that you can fit it in whenever suits you best. 


Our expert coaches will be there to teach you how to perform every exercise & movement, and are there to closely guide you through the session. Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels – whether you are new or experienced. We have 3 classes on our timetable to choose from – Strength and Conditioning, Sweat Marathon, and Saturday Sesh. 


Strength and Conditioning


Strength and Conditioning is an exhilarating mixture of full-body strength training, gymnastics, and cardio that is suitable for any fitness level. We combine various Crossfit movements that are designed to work your entire body, with gymnastics movements and various methods of cardio that will be certain to get your heart racing. 


Sweat Marathon


Sweat Marathon uses all of our Concept2 cardio machines: RowErg, BikeErg, SkiErg and Assault Runners to give you that long-distance experience. This class is designed to work you at a steady heart rate, build your engine and watch those calories burn away. This class is a fantastic way to blow off some steam and reach your goals.


Saturday Sesh


Saturday Sesh is a big, fun group-style workout that is designed to start your weekend off in the best possible way. Expect great music and a killer atmosphere, and get your sweat on with our amazing group. This class is guaranteed to leave you buzzing and in a fantastic mood for the weekend. 


Book a Class at Crossfit Green


If you would like to come along and try one of our classes, you can purchase a class pass. You can reserve your space for one of our classes via our Wodify App (downloadable on both Apple and Android.)

If you have any questions or would like any further information on the classes that we offer here at Crossfit Green, you can contact our team today. All you have to do is fill out our message form on our website, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to help. We hope to see you soon at Crossfit Green and help work you on with your weight-loss journey. And why not check out our instagram page to keep in touch with our latest news.