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Tuesday 4th Dec

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CrossFitGreen – Weightlifting


TP: Warm-up (No Measure)

1)TP: 1 muscle clean + 1 hang power clean + hang squat clean x4

Lift: Power Clean (5×3)

2)Lift: 2 power clean + 1 clean x5 sets 75% (of power clean)

Acc: Clean Pull (5×2)

3)Acc: Segmented Clean pull 5×2 90%

Acc: Tall cleans (5×3)

Tuesday 4th Nov

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CrossFitGreen – CrossFit


lv2: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (skill)

Skill: CTB

Lv2 Skill CTB


Lv1: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (skills)

Skill: CTB

Lv1 Skill inverted CTB rows


Metcon (Distance)

15 min amrap (Teams or 3-4)

20 CTB pull ups or CTB invetred rows

Run 400m

Add 100m to runner each round

score is distance

Tuesday 27th Nov

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CrossFitGreen – CrossFit


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

Aerobic conditioning:

Partner wod (everything is shared)


A)For time

Row 1000m

40 DB push press

40 Pull ups


B)2 rounds

Row 500m

20 hang clean and push press

20 pull ups



C)4 Rounds

250m row

10 DB clean and jerk

10 pull ups

DB weights 17.5/10

Friday 23rd Nov

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CrossFitGreen – CrossFit

Mix Modality Aerobic session

Mix modality aerobic session (12 Rounds for reps)

45 on 45 off

Row @75% effort

T2B (sets of 5)

Deadlift 100/70 (tng sets of 5)

x4 rounds For consistency and quality


Deadlift (5×5)

build to a heavy tng x5 10mins


(not a max just a heavy set)

Wednesday 21st Nov

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CrossFitGreen – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)

Aerobic conditioning:

Part A (emom)

9min emom

1st 6 power cleans 60/40

2nd 18 air squats

3rd 10 box jumps

Part B (emom)

9min emom

1st 6 Front squats 60/40

2nd 9 burpees over the bar

3rd 10 box jumps

Part C (for time)

then 4 rounds for time 10min cap

5 squat cleans 60/40

10 burpees

10 box jumps
Score is only for part C