Alex Fuller

Senior Coach
Alex Fuller


Alex hails from Cape Town, South Africa. She is a professional squash player, and has been playing on the world tour for 9 years. Fitness is her life and has been for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t like to sit still for too long and loves being able to move her body every day. Coaching gives her such joy and satisfaction, being able to help others to move their bodies too.

She found Crossfit was a great way to complement her training for squash. She loves the encouragement, team spirit and camaraderie that Crossfit brings and feels everyone should experience it.

Everyday there’s something new to learn in the fitness industry and passing her knowledge on to others to better themselves, their form and their lifestyle brings Alex a sense of purpose.

Outside of the gym, she loves to be outdoors, enjoying the sun and experiencing new things. She’s a big coffee lover and always on the hunt for the best brunch spot. 

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