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Communtiy, why it is so important.

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Community, Why it is so important.


The sense of community in CrossFit is unique. Everyone knows one another, there is always someone there to help, compare workouts, chat about how things are and have a real interest in the answer.

This doesn’t happen in regular gyms, no one speaks to each other, no one bothers…

At Crossfit you know people’s names, their stories, who they are and you become friends.


So why is this so important…

The community provide support, often encouragement.  Encouraging those that are still doing the workout or even being cheered on yourself, it’s a feeling like no other.

Friends stay behind after class to chat and catch up or to get behind the next group coming through. The solid support provides motivation, when we are tired and struggling, we can often doubt ourselves and our ability to finish. Having people encourage us gives the belief that we can do it. Without that encouragement, we probably would not put in the extra effort and it is that extra effort that gets us the results we want and leaves us feeling the way we do. Pumped. Excited. Proud.

We come together in CrossFit when facing challenges, we push each other to perform better, dig a little deeper, go faster than before.

The support of the community can even have physiological affect, training in a group can have a greater release of endorphins then working out alone. These create that feeling of excitement, exhilaration and happiness- you get that workout high!

Crossfit communities are full of likeminded people, they think it is socially acceptable to give it an all-out effort, if you collapse on the floor after a workout, maybe in a pool of sweat, the community gives you a high five and appreciates your effort.

The community welcomes and encourages you to challenge and test yourself and it rewards you with the support and thanks when you do.

A Special environment filled with all types of people who think its ok to want to better yourself and will help you achieve your goals, It makes us feel better and pushes us to new limits that we may not have thought possible.

Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone. Stand for something together.