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Hey everyone,




Here is some food prep I did for a day, it took me about an hour while I was getting my son ready for school and cost about €12 from Aldi.


We regularly get asked by members about food and nutrition. What should I eat? when should I eat? What types of food should I eat and how much of it?? A lot to consider!


We all know it can be complicated and seems too much for many of us, but there can be some simple steps that can get great results and leave you feeling healthier for the day.


So I had a good idea of what i needed for the day ahead, so i got to work:


*Chopped up, diced and seasoned all the veg, threw them into the Preheated over at 180c. for 40-45 mins

*prepped and cooked my meat, i used the BBQ as it is my favorite way to cook meat. then i shredded it all.

*Once the veg is ready, make sure its all cooked through, place it beside all your shredded meats.

*Dish out and distribute into what ever size portions you want or need for the day. Watch portion size!

*Get about your day knowing you have your food prep done and if you are watching your macros or blocks this will fit right in if you portion correctly.


*ENJOY a yummy low cost meal.



For those that are interested in the macro nutrient side of it, here is a breakdown ( If you are familiar with Zone dieting i will give you the blocks later)



Chicken – 500 grams = 115g protein

Beef – 400 grams = 120g protein


Total: individually 115-120 g/ combo 235 g Protein


Carbohydrates- good vegetable sources:

Parsnip x 1 large = 20 g carbs

carrots x 3 med = 30/35 g carbs

Sweet potatoes x 2 med = 50/60 g carbs

Cherry tomatoes x 1 cup (150g) = 6 g carbs

Mushroom x 1 cup (150g) = 3 g carbs

Mixed peppers x 1 cup (150g) = 7 g carbs


Total : 130- 140 g Carbs



Olive oil: 4-6 Tsp =27 g Fat

Chicken =6 g Fat

Beef = 24 g Fat


Depending on our meat source, we can work with higher or lower fat:Protein:carb ratios.


Blocks for Zone dieting guide:

Chicken Meal: – 115g Protein 16 BLOCKS -140g Carbs 16 BLOCKS – 26 g FAT 16 BLOCKS

Beef meal: 120g Protein 17 BLOCKS -150g Carbs 17 BLOCKS – 45 g FAT 30 BLOCKS

Comb meal: 230g Protein 33 BLOCKS -150g Carbs 17 BLOCKS – 45 g FAT 30 BLOCKS


Depending if you are looking for a low fat diet, high fat diet or high Protein high fat diet you can mix and match.

This just happend to suit me that day


If you have any questions just comment.


I hope this helps.


Coach Dave.



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