Get Ready to Sweat; What you Can Expect From a CrossFit Session

If you’re new to the world of CrossFit and are thinking about trying out your first class, it can feel daunting and you might not be quite sure what to expect. Every CrossFit session – also known as a WOD (workout of the day)  is different, but there are 3 key elements that you can expect to get stuck into in a CrossFit session which are weightlifting, cardiovascular training, and gymnastics movements. 


To help, our team at CrossFit Green has put together this short post to tell you more about what you can expect from a CrossFit session so you can feel prepared before you step into the box. CrossFit Green is a state-of-the-art CrossFit gym based in Dublin, Ireland where we make training fun, enjoyable and rewarding for all our members. To learn more, keep reading and for further information on our CrossFit gym in Santry – please visit our website today.




Just one thing that you’ll be getting stuck into in a CrossFit session is plenty of weightlifting, so expect to become best friends with the barbell. Weightlifting is just one of the major components of CrossFit training, and it will help you to improve your strength, build muscle and endurance, increase your metabolism, help to strengthen your bones and connective tissues and more. 


Some of the weightlifting movements that you can expect to take part in during CrossFit classes include back squats, front squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, and snatches. Don’t worry if you’ve never even touched a barbell before, you’ll be taken through all of the basics and talked through each and every movement. 


Cardiovascular Training


Another key part of CrossFit is cardiovascular training, so expect to sweat and feel a burn. Cardiovascular training is amazing for our overall health and wellness, and it works to control our blood sugar, improve our circulation, lower our blood pressure and heart rate and much more. Some of the cardiovascular work includes jumping on the bike or the rower, doing burpees, challenging yourself with ball slams, and doing lots of HIIT work and circuits. Cardiovascular training is something that everyone should do, no matter their age or fitness level, as it will help you to live longer and be healthier. 


Gymnastics-Style Movements


One of the parts of CrossFit training is gymnastics-style movements, which are super fun to do and work your entire body as well as making you feel pretty good too. Gymnastics movements will work to improve your balance and assist you with developing your mobility and flexibility, and help with coordination and posture as well as much more. Some of the gymnastics-style movements that you will get to try out in CrossFit classes include hollow holds, handstands, hanging leg lifts, pull ups, pistol squats, and double unders.


Try Out CrossFit in Santry at CrossFit Green 


If you’re ready to get fitter, stronger, and healthier then why not try out CrossFit in Santry at CrossFit Green? We help members to become the best versions of themselves – both inside and outside of the gym, with our group coaching, our one to one coaching, and our Kickstart nutrition program


We work with our members to create programs that work for them and their lifestyles, and that will help them achieve their overarching goals – whether they be to lose weight, build muscle, improve confidence, or build overall fitness. Our state-of-the-art gym facility has everything that you need to succeed on your fitness journey, from Olympic weightlifting equipment, to ski ergs and bikes, to dumbbells, to kettlebells.


Everyone is Welcome, No Matter Your Experience


We welcome everyone here at CrossFit Green, whether you are completely new to CrossFit and want to give it a go or if you’re an experienced CrossFitter already. All of our workouts and training are completely scalable, meaning that they can be adjusted to suit people at all levels of their fitness journeys so you will never feel left out. We’re proud to have built such an amazing community of members here at CrossFit Green, and we would absolutely love to have you join us and create the best version of yourself. 

If you’re ready to get started and want to try out CrossFit in Santry for yourself, then you can contact our team at CrossFit Green today. We welcome you to fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We’ll arrange a call with you to discuss you, your goals and what you’re looking to achieve so that we can formulate a plan that works best for you and your goals.