Helpful Tips to Become a Competitive CrossFit Athlete

CrossFit is growing in popularity all over the world, with more and more people trying out this amazing form of group fitness coaching, to help build your stamina, gain muscle and strength, lose weight and become a happier, healthier and fitter version of yourself. But starting a new sport can be daunting, and it can sometimes feel like you have no idea where to begin – which is where our team can help.


We want to share with you some useful tips for new CrossFitters, to help you feel more comfortable and to ease you into CrossFit. CrossFit Green is a CrossFit gym based in Dublin, Ireland, where we help our members reach their goals through our group coaching classes, our one to one training, and our Kickstart nutrition plan.


Be Prepared to Learn


One of our leading tips for CrossFit new starters is that you need to be prepared to learn. When you first join a CrossFit gym, there will be a lot of new movements for you to wrap your head around and get stuck into – like squats, kettlebell swings, muscle ups, snatches, and much more. So be prepared to learn, take everything in, and then put it into practice. 


Don’t worry if you have absolutely no prior knowledge of CrossFit before starting, as that’s what the team of coaches are there for. They will be there to guide, support, and teach you and help you with anything that you need – taking you from a beginner to a pro in no time.


Enjoy Your Sessions


Make sure to enjoy your sessions. CrossFit is super fun, exciting and challenging – and will have you pushing yourself to limits that you didn’t even know existed. You will be surrounded by a wealth of other friendly members that are also there to reach their goals, as well as a team of talented, professional coaches. 


Training doesn’t have to be something that we dread and don’t enjoy, and the members that you find in CrossFit gyms all truly love the sport. We all want to enjoy our training and have a smile on our face during our sessions, and this is definitely something that we see a lot of at our CrossFit classes. Be prepared to have fun, and enjoy every step of the process. 


Prioritise Recovery 


You will also need to prioritise your recovery. When you first start CrossFit, you might feel quite sore and achy after your sessions as you will be performing a lot of new movements and using muscles in your body that might be new to you. Be prepared to be hurting, and make sure to recover. 


This might include stretching, taking a hot bath with Epsom salts, using a massage gun, and just giving yourself the time that your body needs to recover. Remember that recovery is just as important as the training itself, and we have to recover properly in order to improve our training. You also don’t want to end up injuring yourself by not allowing your muscles to recover properly, so prioritise recovery always.


Start Your CrossFit Journey with CrossFit Green


We provide our members with professional, personalised group coaching – with our classes being led by our knowledgeable, professional team of expert coaches that are there to help you through every step of the way. We also provide our members with one to one coaching, if you want a bit of extra attention and help from our team of expert coaches. 


Don’t worry if you are new to CrossFit, we welcome complete beginners that are ready to learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves. We provide our members with tailored, bespoke coaching plans that suit them, and work around their goals and their lifestyles. 


We have helped hundreds of our members to achieve their goals – whether that be to lose weight, build muscle, increase their stamina or just to feel more confident in their bodies.


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