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Improving when you plateau

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Improving when you plateau. – Don’t get frustrated, it’s a process.

So what do you do when things start to slow down, unfortunately we can not keep improving all the time and there are a number of factors that affect this so lets look at some of them quickly and get into what to do a little later..

First lets look at time, training lifecycle. Are you a beginner, if you have just started CrossFit then yes you will be flying, you spend about 6 months learning all the moves and for the first 12- 18 months everything is a PR

Recovery, are you looking after yourself outside of the gym, sleep, nutrition, mobility hydration are just some factors that should be considered.

Stress, work, life… training.. all are related, so each has an affect on each other. The secret is not to panic and make drastic changes when the PRs stop coming. Remember progress, although slow is progress and better then nothing. Often over looked is the improvement on skills as it is usually the kgs on the bar that people relate to progress. If I told you that getting an extra hour of sleep was progress would you be happy?

It is easy to get frustrated when things slow down, you have been used to getting better everyday and we often get have a few favourite movements that we are constantly trying to improve..

So when the improvement on the favourite movements stop happening, what is the plan? Pack it all up and give up? No, remember you are here to be the happiest healthiest version of yourself, you want longevity from the body, the Pr’s are not as important as you think? Its about moving forward and enjoying the process. Look for little wins elsewhere.

Lets look at a week of workouts and instead of which ones we won or did the best at, totally smashed, look for the weaknesses, which wod smashed you or was the most challenging, which workout did you loose…
What movements challenge you the most? are sprint workouts killing you? Is the bike your mortal enemy??
Are you like coach Fergal and killed by burpees. Once you can identify some areas that need work, make a plan to attack them? Have a strategy so when the movement comes up again in a workout it doesn’t slow you down, there is nothing that you are fearful of coming up in the open.

To much time is spent on what you are good at, what you think you are good at or what you want to be good at. As Matt Fraser says, train all year long to not have a wheel house..

So take time to see what your strengths and weakness are and then work on your weakness so that you no longer have them, continue to be good and improve on what you are already good at. It is all a process, trust and follow it!

Frustration is the enemy and giving up is never the answer. Progress is progress and anything worth doing is going to be hard. The sedentary lifestyle of processed foods and sitting on the couch can trap you easily, don’t quit! Keep working and moving forward, the wins will come in peaks and troughs, but you must keep working.
No sacrifice, No victory!