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Sarah Kelly has been a proud member of CrossFit Green since late 2018, and she has a lot to say about how it changed her life. Tired of the same old gym routine, she was drawn to CrossFit's energetic and community-driven vibe. Sarah loves the personalized coaching and the variety of skills she sees in her fellow CrossFit buddies.

What really stands out for her is the team spirit in the group classes, reminding her of her days playing team sports. The best part? CrossFit is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, young or old – the workouts can be adjusted to fit your level. Sarah thinks it's great that the exercises are inclusive and flexible, making sure everyone can do well.

She can't say enough about how effective the program is. According to Sarah, sticking to the coaches' advice and the workout routine not only makes you fit but also strong. To sum it up, Sarah Kelly highly recommends CrossFit Green to anyone thinking about trying it. She believes it's a journey that transforms and empowers you in more ways than one.

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