Looking for a Crossfit Gym in Dublin?

Are you looking to join a crossfit gym in Dublin? Do you want to achieve the results that you have been looking for and reach your fitness goals? Look no further, CrossFit Green is a Dublin-based gym and fitness centre, providing coach-led classes backed up by science-based programmes. Our aim at CrossFit Green is to help individuals of all fitness levels to achieve their goals and optimum fitness.


If you’re interested in doing CrossFit in Dublin and you’d like to find out more – check out the CrossFit Green website today for more details. 


What Classes Do We Have?


We have a wide range of classes at CrossFit Green to suit everyone, including Strength and Conditioning Saturday Sesh, Sweat: Marathon, and Sweat X. So whether you want a full-body workout designed to get you moving more, to build your endurance, or improve your lifting technique then we have a class for you. 


What Facilities are Available?


We have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals here at our CrossFit Green Gym. Our gym floor is kitted out with all of the equipment that you need to achieve your goals – including several rigs, ski ergs, kettlebells, free weights, medicine balls, Olympic weights, and more. As well as our gym floor, we also have our Sweat Studio, shower, and changing room facilities.


Click here to take a look around our gym.


Do You Need Prior Experience to Come Along?


Everyone is welcome to CrossFit Green. We welcome members from all walks of life, experience levels, and backgrounds and you do not require any prior CrossFit experience or knowledge to train with us.


Here at CrossFit Green, we offer high-quality coaching to help you level up and excel in any and every area. All of our coaches are friendly and welcoming to both those who are new to crossfit, and the experienced lot also. Our coaches are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have and are extremely knowledgeable as well as experienced. 


We’re Not Just Another Gym


When you join CrossFit Green, you join our CrossFit family. Every single member of CrossFit Green will make you feel at home at our Dublin-based gym, and you will be joining a fun and friendly environment where you will feel motivated and uplifted. We are not just a gym, we are a family and a community – and that we are extremely proud of.


Book a Class with CrossFit Green today

If you want to come along to one of our classes you can purchase a class pass on our website. To contact us directly, please email us at info@crossfitgreen.com or call us on +353012938855 to speak with a member of our team. We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Join the go-to crossfit gym in Dublin, CrossFit Green.