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Over training….we are all guilty of it.
Often people think you need training volume to get better. Right? Wrong! The majority of members will do the regular CrossFit class daily. You have a one hour class and for that one hour approach it with the mindset that you want to maximise your potential for your time invested.
Working on a skill or weakness is a different scenario, if you’d like to get work on these skills or weakness speak to a coach they will help you approach it correctly. This doesn’t mean you need extra wods or extra strength work. Unfortunately, working on these skills or weakness isn’t flashy, it’s not what all the games athletes are posting on IG…..plain and simple it’s the boring shite. It’s practicing a beat swing, sets of banded lat pull downs, stretches to improve mobility for oly lifting and toes to bar, it’s getting numerous whips from that bloody skipping rope……….hang on, we do all this in class!!
There are far greater things that will help you improve overall fitness like recovery and nutrition rather than volume. Try and see the bigger picture. We will be doing another post on recovery and the benefits on this. Coach Mary posts regularly about nutrition so be sure to check that out.
I was guilty of overtraining myself, pre open 2017 a few of the coaches and I were testing workouts for the members but we also were doing more strength work and gymnastic work each day. A training session took close to 2 hours to complete. I’m not going to the games, I’m not going to regionals but there I was tired and over trained….why? Because I didn’t focus on the rest of the picture, my recovery or my nutrition.
After a training session I ate what I liked because I had just trained for two hours and it was usually late when I got back home so I was also late to bed. Post open 2017 the coaches decided to just do the class programming. Another decision we made was to look after our recovery and nutrition more. (remember the bigger picture) Right now, in my 4 years of doing CrossFit the past year has been my best one yet. Like Coach Ferg, I dialled in the nutrition. Now I can move better in workouts because I’m not carrying around any unwanted weight and the same goes for Coach Ferg. Coach Cian put a huge focus on recovery and sleep in particular and he has put that down to his recent strength gains, a lot of which he left at Base Camp. Now that I have gained an hour by only doing class, I use that for cooling down, stretching or romwod in the evening or I just get to bed earlier.
If you want to impress me, impress me with intensity, not volume.
Coach Podge

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