Kickstart Nutrition

Nutrition is your building blocks of success.

Our KICKSTART Nutrition program is your building block to maximize your success. An hour in the gym accounts for 4% of your Day.   That gives us a lot of time to maximize your impact on your fitness in other ways.   What you eat and consume will inevitably determine if you are successful in your goals or not.   Whether weightless or performance and all in between, you must fuel your body correctly.   We start off, as part of your plan, with our InBody scanner. Giving us a medical grade breakdown of your body composition and and over an all score.   We use this as a starting point to create a nutrition plan of daily calorie intake. Add this with our group classes and one to one and we guarantee you will be moving towards your goals in no time.   Regular check ins and scans allow us to ensure progress and make any changes necessary.   Nutrition is your secret weapon to success.