Are you the right client?

Our model is coaching, not access. We work with clients that are ready to invest in them self.
  • We find out what is important to you and why. Then we build a custom plan, setting your goals and how to get there.
  • No two members are the same, so in order to get each member to their goal we provide specificity and accountability in laying out a structured route to success.
  • We provide group fitness classes, one to one training and our Kick Start nutrition program.
  • We work together to figure out what is going to work best for you and we can use a combination of the above to design your very own customised training plan.


We work with clients that are ready to invest in them self. To sustainably deliver top quality service we work with a limited number of new clients. We have nurtured a community of like minded people. We have to make sure you will be the right fit.


Ready to invest in yourself?

Get in touch. We can schedule a call or face to face chat.


Build your plan together.

We design a plan that creates structure and routine,challenges you and gets the most from your training.


What support feels like.

A combination of individual training, group classes and accountability from our team.

Why customise a plan?

Our service is different then what is commonly found in most boutique gyms!

Our service works with you as an individual to cater to your needs, we tailor programs and movements to suit you, challenge you and get you to improve week in and week out.
We work with our clients to help them become happier in themselves. We do it daily with all our clients so you are going to be in good hands..


Move the needle towards success with certainty, structure and confidence.

If you are tired of going to the gym and getting nowhere, fad diets and the weight goes back on or simply want to be in the best physical shape then get in touch.

Its not your fault if it hasn’t worked before. You can not play a guitar with one string. You need to have an approach that has all elements of health and fitness covered.
We have helped hundreds of members get their desired goals by combining our classes, one to one and nutrition. Are you next?