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Understanding a program

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Understanding a program and having a coach that does.

When you read a program from a whiteboard/online/social media do you understand the meaning or context of what is shown? Does it just look cool and sexy? Will it help you improve your goals or weaknesses or will it just make a good picture for social media? Are you then going to copy that exercise/program not knowing the reasoning or where the program will take you!?

Understanding exercise selection / volume and intensity / frequency and irregularity / time domains and energy systems etc. comes from knowledge and study of these topics! Having a coach that understands the wants and needs of a client or group and designs a program for their needs, is the best way to improve yourself! Always make sure that a coach is present during a training sessions!!!! How can a coach from a different gym or country program for a person they have never met??? Always try to find a knowledgeable local coach to help you reach your potential.

For example, do you know the difference between what is being prescribed here- i.e. 1RM – 1HS – 1@95% or they all look different, but all have the same ultimate goal in mind, lift heavy for 1 rep. The way it is written dictates how you feel about it, and understanding the goal makes the session easier.
Same thing can be applied to conditioning sessions. Do you understand the desired purpose of this session?? Basic example 500m row for time and a 5km row for time. Do you just see rowing and cardio and dread it because you don’t like rowing?? Or do you see an opportunity to make yourself fitter?? Both are rowing but both have different purposes and goals…. one is anaerobic(phospoghen/glycolytic ie. all out intensity) and one is aerobic (oxidative, ie. sustainable for long workouts) both are a chance for your body (muscle/mitochondria) to be better at producing energy at different rates…. There is a lot more going on than just rowing.

We all want to get bigger, faster, stronger and the best way to do so is to understand what the goal of the prescribed session is and not to go off in a tangent (because you think you know better) but to listen to you coach take their knowledge and advice and train the body as best you can on the day for the desired purpose.