Want to Do Crossfit in Blackrock, Dublin?


Want to get fit, and keep fit for the long-run? Have you considered doing Crossfit before? Welcome to CrossFit Green, we are a Dublin-based gym and fitness centre, providing a first-class gym experience that is unlike anywhere you’ve been before. 


We run coach-led classes and have a number of science-based programs, all of which have been specially devised and created to help individuals of all fitness levels achieve their optimum fitness. Likewise, we have an enthusiastic and welcoming team, who make our gym a great environment to work out in at all times. 


If you’re interested in doing Crossfit in Blackrock, Dublin, and you’d like to find out more – check out the CrossFit Green website today for more details. 


What Do our Sessions Involve?


In case you’ve never taken a crossfit class before, the team at CrossFit Green can introduce you to this hugely popular form of exercise. At our gym in Dublin, we provide Crossfit sessions for individuals at all stages in their personal fitness journey and development. One of our most popular classes is our CrossFit Fitness, which includes complementary or supplementary lifts. 


This class has a number of different elements including sets, reps, quality movement and the daily WOD (workout of the day). It helps every participant learn about what they need to improve, and simultaneously, helps focus on accessorising strength training too. Another session that we provide here at CrossFit Green is Sweat X, which is focused on a full body workout and will get you up and moving. 


Sweat X combines both cardio and dynamic full body movements – such as burpees and swings. It’s ideal for those days where you just want to maximise your movement and push yourself to the upper limits. Should you wish to learn more about any of our Crossfit sessions in Blackrock, Dublin, then visit our website today. 


Why Come to CrossFit Green?


There are many reasons why you should do Crossfit in Blackrock, Dublin, at CrossFit Green – one of the leading crossfit gyms. First of all, we have a state-of-the-art fitness centre and gym that includes shower and changing room facilities too. 


We have a gym floor and studio, both of which have unique atmospheres and will give you a personalised training experience. Above all, we have a friendly, helpful team who are committed to helping everyone get the best results possible. Our team will support and encourage you throughout your whole fitness journey.


Book a Class with CrossFit Green today


If you want to go ahead and book a class for Crossfit in Blackrock, Dublin, then head over to our website today. You’ll be able to choose your desired class – from CrossFit fitness to Sweat X – and pick a time that suits your schedule. Once it’s booked, all you need to do is turn up to your CrossFit Green class and start your journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

To contact us directly, please email us at info@crossfitgreen.com or call us on +353012938855 to speak with a member of our team. We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.