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What is CrossFit? Really!

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What is CrossFit? Really?


Some may know it by definition and some may be terrified of the unknown.

The simple fact is that most people do not really understand it- so lets try and break it down


CrossFit is NOT the CrossFit Games, first off!! ( You don’t need to be super ripped, lift crazy weights and do terrifying acts of fitness)

It is, in fact, a community based general physical preparedness program. In laymen’s terms, it is getting fitter and healthier with likeminded people, performed in a safe and coached environment, it sets you up for success-  Now every gym or CrossFit Box is different but that should be the basis.

Let’s go a little deeper:

Community – We do it in a class environment, we talk to each other, laugh and support each other all while having fun. Social events regularly organised bring the community together. It makes coming to the gym something that our members look forward to- it is like family.

Coaching – Being in a coached environment sets you up for success, having safe and structured classes, where you are taught and guided through movements and skills means you can focus on your goals and not have to worry. Coaches will regularly scale movements making them safe but relative to those performing them, they will adapt to individuals needs and capacity but still create a challenge while instilling good mechanics before all else.

Environment – The environment in the gym is supportive from the coaches and staff, to the members. Coaches create a positive class environment where they encourage and push members to be successful, but not beyond their means. Members support and will on fellow members, challenge each other to be successful, but in a friendly manner the competition is good.

Accountability – To yourself, fellow members, coaches and even your future self. Creating a routine by booking into classes means you have committed yourself to getting healthier. Training daily with your peers means you become accountable to each other, you don’t want to let your friends down and not show up to class when you said you would. Making a financial commitment to CrossFit sets you up to achieve your goals, we all know we are more likely to turn up in we are invested in it. It is worth every cent when you feel great about yourself.

Program – General Physical preparedness allows us to work with all levels of fitness, all skill sets and everyone that walks in the door.  Broad aspects of fitness relative to each person, through a progressive design creates a structure that increases fitness levels, develops strength and gives you a healthier body.  The aim is to get fitter, so what is fitness? “increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains” which means…We can do more in any amount of time of anything we want to do..

Results – More energy with the family, more focus in work, better use of your free time now that you feel more productive, play sports, start new sports. Take the world head on because you now feel like you are able. Be more confident in how you look and feel, lower your risk of chronic disease, control your blood pressure, lower your body fat percentage. Be the healthiest you!


CrossFit is not for everyone but it is for anyone.


Come and see for yourself——->>>>